Tuesday, January 8, 2008

on the primaries, NH part three: before it ends (the End)

Now we have the finals tallies,
Clinton 39% Obama 36% Edwards 17%
McCain 37% Mitt 31% Huckabee 11% Rudy 9%

well well have talk about this tomorrow, I am tired, being sick and having to watch all this all day has drained me kids, I will talk to you tomorrow. Winners and losers

on the primaries, NH part two: before it ends (DEMS)

I am not going to go into all the people running I am going to stay my peace again. sometimes I feel that I am screaming to a wall, I was right about Iraq war when I was called a terrorist lover, I was right about Bush, about 9-11 and I am write now
If Obama is the Dem's hopes for President we lose the Senate and maybe the house
I say that because polls has said that, that the ONLY of top three that would ADD not Subtract from the Dem's hold on Congress, you guessed it Edwards.
Polls say that in a head to head who beat readily each and very GOP candidate? OH your so smart John Edwards, but the Dems, are so about the fluffy fuzzy feelings of Obama that the message of hard work and helping each other in that work is lost. We keep begging for another FDR and JFK, well all of them the great leaders of the past told us ALL we had to work hard to get this nation back on track, to fix the wrongs. Those were brave men like Edwards only now a days the nation is so lazy they aren't willing to work, and just want to 'feel'. That they are willing lose the house and senate and maybe the presidency because of a warm fuzzy feeling. I blame MSM as much as our own dumb moves because we have been so so feed fluffy news for the past 8 years that we have lost our minds, and I fear that unless things change, unless Obama Changes, he will be in the pockets of big business, and we will lose this nation VERY soon. sorry for being all gloomy but I don't see alot to be hopeful about.

on the primaries, NH part one: before it ends (GOP)

Ok my thoughts about this will be long and in alot of parts. I hope the fans here at Red States Blues will forgive me.
I feel that in this nations history this election this year is one of the most important. We have had dark times in the past, and we are in one of those again, I hope that the MSM and now even the netroots doesn't complete screw this up.
Normally I don't talk about the GOP side of things however think I should cover alot of things about it
McCain: if you had asked me 8 years ago if I would have voted for McCain, I would have said yes, but over the last 8 years, under the thumb and pain of Bush, he has changed twisted moved more to the right, and makes less since, he buckled under about us keeping POW (and if we are in a war against terror those in Gitmo are POW and you can't tell me other wise) as something other than POW's and there for treat them as dogs not humans, no no we treat dogs better unless your michael vick. Buckling under for that cause shows me he is less of a "stand up guy" then he claims and I am sorry to see that.
Mitt: two words Flip Flop, the man has more views on one question than start of a Chess game.
Rudy: look a mayor of the largest city in USA yes, but screwed up the protect of the city, Firefighters that were under him HATE HIM. NYC was turned into a police state to lower crime (it worked and now that it's slacked off is still working) but really 9-11 can not NOT be your platform. and if you think he isn't using that as his only ONLY platform, when asked was he worried about the big lose in Iowa he said "No that doesn't worry me, now 9-11 that worried me" ok... that answers all my questions NEXT!
Huckabee: WHOA where to start with him... there is SO much wrong there, like he doesn't seem to read the paper or watch the news, (that bothers me wait don't we have a brain dead already) he but for the fact that he is talking more about helping out the middle class too much of bush for me to look much deeper than that.
Paul; oh sweet uncle Ron, lets me fair, he doesn't have a prayer, however he does have something that has move the talk, that the GOP of today is not the goldwater/miller GOP, not sticking our nose in the world, keeping our people above water smaller government and less spending (though I didn't agree with Ron Paul, him saying these things need to be heard.)

well that is my thoughts, I didn't talk about Thomspon because he is a Joke really...
take it or leave it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

iowa part three: my take (and the end)

Iowa is all but over, Huckabee has proven that "money can't buy you love" that Rommey
and money can't win every time. John Edwards lost 30% to 37% to Obama, while it is good that the Dems can vote for a person of color, can everyone that isn't a dem can they? Clinton was third and if things don't change she may be third until super duper tuesday on feb 5th and I will stay she will stay that way and even past super duper tuesday, Edwards has to come in second in NH and hopeful win SC that would give him a good shot on super duper tuesday. which I will be voting in. My thoughts, Iowa took the flash and forgot the meat, in both cases. Obama has alot of good words but not alot of good actions to do it. Huckabee isn't going to do well at all on the world stage. most the world believes in science.

Iowa part two: DEMS

Obama won Iowa it seems Clinton and Edwards is tied for second. but it seems that clinton may come in 3rd, that would be horrible for clinton. especially if your husband was the last dem president in the last 30 years. Edwards has to either push and be second in NH or I fear will lose him again, he is a much better person to listen to than air and not meat obama or corp clinton but no one listens to their brains do they?

Iowa part one: The GOP

They have spoken and it's better to be a preacher from Hope, that has chuck norris on your side than have 100's of million of dollars, 1000's of people on the ground and have magic underwear.
That is right folks Huckabee already won the GOP vote in Iowa.
Dems later

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New year, but is it hopeful?

Tomorrow we start the system up in force, with voting to see who will battle it out for the presidencey. however as we work hard to get the canadate that we want, or feel is the best for the needs that we feel are important, there seems to be a theme showing. As it bitterly cold in Iowa, (and here in red state land it's bitingly cold for this time of year and for where we are) it seems that the fight is turning just as cold as the wind is. the daisy chain of love is now a firing squd for each other. with Obama incresingly getting more and more attack dogish than point to the better points in him, but he isn't alone, there are a few people that are doing that, from Clinton to Edwards to Richardson. it's not one or two but seeming the the whole lot. The GOP had shot each other in the foot weeks ago, the Dems seems to think this is best way to win, Iowa topically doesn't like it when these kind of campians turn mud from love. each one of the Dems side is a whole almost all but Clinton (and now sadly Obama) someone I could be very happy with as my president (thought Obama and Clinton would be a second choice) As you all know I have thrown my hat in for Edwards, for alot of reasons. Mainly it as to do with this "two Americans" stump speeches. I feel that he would be best willing to clean up the belt way of special instrest and special ed ways of doing business in DC, and has shown time and time again he is willing to fight for the little man (and yes he did make money doing it, but you know what starting out with nothing and working his way to what he is today is something very very major) for a few months now the netroots (formally known as Grassroots) has thrown their hats in with either Edwards or Obama while those that have been in or a part of the Beltway stand be hind Clinton, which is fine, but the beltway wisdom isn't working so far. We have all wanted the troops out, or a bigger fight, from the DEMs but beltway wisdom is not to fight but to give in, and really the nation is right and beltway wisdom is wrong. therefore the beltway widsom is wrong, and the backing of Clinton for me doesn't make me feel there is going to be much of a change if she is elected. I have read too much about her to make me feel less than ok with her as president when there are much better ones in the pipe. What ever the out come this going to make for a long and hard winter and a hard fight for the white house over the next months. Just understand more than likely by feb we will have a pretty good idea whom is running on the DEMs side, the GOP who knows.

I wish you well, and those in the red states of this nation, singing the blues makes people listen.